Project Overview

A large data centre was commissioned to be constructed for a world leading IT company. The standby power requirements for this facility consist of 20 Cummins C3500D5e generators and 4 Cummins C2000D5e generators in acoustic enclosures. Each set has an underslung base tank and local fill point local to the bund area below each generator enclosure. Each enclosure has a dedicated section located to one end which houses the generator switchboard.

Scope of supply

CSL have been employed by Cummins Belgium to assist with the testing and commissioning period of this project and are supplying a team of specialist engineers consisting of Electrical, Mechanical and Commissioning technicians as well as team management/co-ordination staff to assist Cummins site based managers & engineers with the smooth transition to hand over of the completed project.

CSL have been working very closely with Cummins and their client in ensuring the robust site testing of each unit has been successfully completed ensuring each milestone was achieved to the satisfaction of all stakeholders ensuring each completion/handover is achieved and the smooth flow of the project is adhered to.