December 2015

Project Overview

An existing, operational data centre with three generator halls in use, 2 generators in each room and one lying fallow was to be enhanced with further power requirements. Each of the existing rooms was to have a third generator incorporated into the existing system and the fallow room was to be equipped with three generators to provide back-up power to a newly commissioned data hall.


6 no. Cummins C1675D5A standby rated generator sets. Inlet & outlet attenuation and associated ducting and motorised dampers. Supply air fans and associated controls. Day fuel tanks giving 8 hour autonomous run fed from existing bulk tanks. Full leak detection systems for each room. Exhaust systems installed from each generator to roof level following the external elevation of the building.


In each of the three existing generator rooms a third set was added to increase the standby capacity. The sets were arranged in an N+1 configuration with the Cummins MLD function being utilised to ensure stable load sharing and equal run hours across all three sets. The fourth room had 3 sets installed and these were set up in a similar manner. Each generator room provides back up power to separate data halls in th event of a failure of the utility supply.