October 2016

Project Overview

The end user, a global data storage facility provider, commissioned a further data hall at an existing data centre in Watford. There was a requirement for further standby power complete with an autonomous fuel system. The generators are located within acoustic enclosures mounted on top of underslung bulk fuel tanks. A new switchboard inside a weather proof enclosure is situated adjacent the new generators.


3 x Cummins C2000D5A generators housed within bespoke acoustic enclosures with a sound rating of 65dba at 1 meter. Each enclosure has a bulk fuel tank situated below the enclosure with close coupled fill point cabinet attached to each tank. Each tank also has provision for connection of mobile fuel polishing equipment within the fill point cabinets.


The three generators provide a back-up source of supply for the switchboard feeding the new data hall. The generators are installed in an N+1 format utilising the Cummins MLD™ function on the PCC controller to ensure equal run hours are achieved across the three sets.