Project Overview

Theft of the original equipment necessitated the replacement of a standby generator at a water treatment works in Harlow, Essex.

CSL were assigned with placing a Cummins C150D5 canopied generator inside an existing acoustic enclosure and encasing in concrete blocks with re-enforced concrete infill.

The existing enclosure had been damaged when the original equipment was stolen and the end section had been forcibly removed. Once the new set was inside the enclosure the end section was replaced and secured. The entire acoustic enclosure was then encased within a concrete block structure with re-bars and concrete infill along with a concrete ring beam to the top level and steel beams across the roof section affording extra protection against further theft of equipment.

The generator was coupled to an existing bulk fuel tank and a new auto transfer switch replaced existing equipment.

A full test of existing and new systems was undertaken upon completion.


1 no. Cummins C150D5a generator set in a standard enclosure and 1 no. Cummins G-Tech transfer switch incorporated into existing equipment and systems.


The generator provides stand by power to the water treatment equipment and in the event of a power outage the generator will start and the transfer switch will change over to allow the generator to power all systems. Upon return of utility power the transfer switch returns to utility bias and the generator run signal is removed.