Fuel Sampling

At CSL, we offer an inhouse fuel sampling service where our experienced team will come out to site, test and analyse your fuel for your equipment. After the test has been completed, a full analysis of your fuels current situation will be provided, as well as advice on whether the fuel should be used within your equipment or whether you risk damaging your machinery.

When we analyse your fuel in house: we inspect it visually, perform a clear and bright test, perform a sediment test, perform a patch test and perform an ATP test for bacteria. If further analysis is requested we can then send off the sample for a more in depth analysis report on your fuel. Our dedicated team will always do their best to provide a streamlined service and to offer answers to your questions about your fuel.

Fuel Polishing

CSL can also offer a fuel polishing service, where your fuel can be cleaned and be ready for use in your machinery and equipment. When polishing your fuel any dirt and damage within the fuel can be removed. We have a selection of static and portable fuel polishers to suit different tanks.

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