CSL Load-Bank services

Generator load testing ensures that optimum performance is achieved when the unit is placed under load. CSL provide a complete installation,testing and de-install service.

With our rental fleet we can test up to 2.5 mva, either on a resistive/reactive test individually or multiples to a required specification.

All load banks will be delivered with the required phase cables and one earth cable only. Neutral cables would only be supplied on UPS testing or on small load-banks up to 200kw.

We can site survey to ensure the installation process is both a trouble free and cost-effective solution.

After installation, our engineers can carry out the testing and provide a report based on standard data capture measurements or as detailed by the Customer.

CSL also have the ability to install and test High Voltage installations, utilising transformers to achieve the required voltage.


CSL ‘s hire fleet are primarily Froment units that utilise a Sigma controller for ease of use. Soft ware can be supplied for data capture or alternatively we can produce the data capture report whilst testing. The sigma controller offers a simple operation whilst produce detailed data capture to proof any testing.