Load Bank Hire / Purchase – Resistive or Reactive

Ensuring that an emergency generator does not fail in the event of a power cut is vital for your site, the more exercise your equipment gets the better it will respond in the event of a utility failure. As part of a regular maintenance program, load banks ensure your machine is tested within its design capabilities and will allow an engineer to detect a problem which may have previously gone unnoticed, which may cause a failure when it is needed the most.

CSL Power Systems are able to advise you on the size and type of load bank required to prove the resilience of your equipment.

If you are looking to hire or buy a load bank, please feel free to give us a call so we can discuss your particular requirements.

Helping you keep your generator reliable

Once we have delivered the load bank to your site, our skilled engineers are competent to assemble the equipment and connect onto your equipment. The engineers can perform a load test and monitor its condition during a load run whilst carrying out all the necessary tests to provide you with a detailed report on the reliability of your generator.

Benefits of Load Testing

To ensure your standby generator equipment performs when you need it.  A test will highlight any potential issues in a controlled scenario rather than an emergency assuring facility managers that their generators will be able to work to 100% capacity.

Further advantages of a Load test include the following:

  • Reduces the chances of mechanical failure due to extreme stress on engine system parameters.
  • Helps to prevent wet stacking, which reduces engine life cycle and efficiency.
  • Cleans the generator by removing all the carbons from of the engine.


Load bank features and specifications

Our rental load bank fleet utilises both Froment and Crestchic equipment. With our Froment sets, we supply a sigma control system for ease of operation.

Units up to 1 Mw can be supplied either as skidded units or road-tow.

2.5Mva resistive-reactive units can be supplied HGV trailer mounted or un-loaded on site with a Hiab lorry.


Areas we cover

  • Kent
  • Gravesend
  • Dartford
  • Medway
  • South East