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Generator Hire

CSL provide rental generators for planned maintenance or on an emergency call out basis.

We can survey your application to ensure the specification and logistics provide a service that offers both a cost effective and environmental solution to your short or long-term requirement.

The CSL operation supplies power on an emergency 24/7 call out basis which involves delivery, power installation and commission at any location within the UK. Once installed and operational we can manage the fuel deliveries and monitor remotely. We mobilise within 15 minutes of your call. We offer a free contingency planning service on our maintenance contracts which ensures all planning and specifications are already in place and managed effectively.

Our rental generators range from 2Kva to 2000kva or multiples that operate as stand-alone or synchronised. On longer term applications we can supply a fully contained fuel system that includes bunded fuel lines. We also offer lease agreements on long term projects.

Industry sectors

CSL Power Generators supply applications that include Hospital and Commercial Facilities/Industrial premises either stand-by or prime power for outages or for remote sites that include Factory installations, Recycle Centres, Chemical plants, Military and Events.

We can offer a solution that is both cost-effective and environmentally compliant.

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We operate a specialised generator hire fleet in the UK, smaller deliveries are from our own 4×4 vehicles through to rigid crane lorries and articulated tractor units with trailers.

We are often able to deliver your generator and equipment in areas with restricted access. Our team of engineers that are very well experienced with plant movement of the generators can get the equipment in and out of the most difficult areas.

Emergency Project Delivery

With over 20 years of experience within the generator industry, we offer power provision including diesel generators for hire, service and maintenance and remote monitoring for all equipment. We understand how essential power requirement can be to operational and commercial businesses, especially considering the modern-day reliance we place on IT services.

Our services include:

  • 24Hour – Emergency Response Call Out
  • Power Recovery Engineers
  • Specialist Advice from our Technicians
  • Responsive Generator Delivery and Installation

Renting a generator with CSL

Distribution and AMF Panels

CSL’s rental range include the supply of cables, distribution and Auto changeover, link panels, with full installation and certification as required.

Planned Power Outage / Disaster Recovery

We offer contingency plans that support your operation 24-7.  We are retained on an annual basis and provide the necessary support to recover your operation from any outages or environmental disasters such as fuel spillage. We mobilise within 15 minutes of your call and can attend throughout the UK. The contingency plan includes all the necessary information to ensure equipment is delivered promptly and connected up, certified and fuel management in place. This reduces the cost impact on your business from lost production/security/back-up.

Generator Ancillary Products

As an option for standard fuel lines, we offer bunded fuel lines that can include leakage alarms. All connections are retained within the generator or tank bund.

The rental fuel tanks ranges from 1000L transcube to 20,000L containerised units.

Remote monitoring offers the Customer a 24/7 access to the applications current status and availability.

Service & support

Our engineers are located throughout the UK along with partners that support our operation to ensure a prompt and high quality service response.

What Suits You?

At CSL we strive to ensure the generator your looking for is perfect for your environment. Here is a list of Generator GA drawings that you can look at for yourself to get a rough guideline for what exactly is able to fit at your site.

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